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Krista Matison

Thai Bodywork


Coaching the Body is an effective treatment for pain issues, utilizing traditional Thai Massage techniques to deactivate trigger points in muscle fibers.

Studies have shown that over 80% of pain complaints presented at clinics are likely to be caused by myofascial trigger points rather than actual tissue damage, arthritis, bone spurs or other diagnosis. These diagnosis can lead to treatment approaches like drugs, steroid injections and surgery. Clinical Thai Bodywork has a high rate of success with even very serious pain across a wide variety of diagnoses.

Krista, based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, is trained in Trigger Point Therapy and as a Coaching the Body Therapist. The combination of these two modalities can improve dysfunctional muscle fibers—restoring them to normal tonicity and length, and retraining muscles and joints to move smoothly—with the ultimate goal of restoring pain-free range of motion.

"After years of lower back pain and countless doctor visits, Krista really took the time to figure out where my pain and limited flexibility was coming from and I've been pain-free since!" —Nicole
"I went to [Krista] with a shoulder problem that had bothered me for months. It was so bad I couldn't lift a gallon of milk. It was either try this or possibly get surgery. It took four sessions and I had full range of motion and was pain free. I highly recommend Krista." —Sandy
"In just one session, Krista cut my chronic lower back/pelvic pain in half. None of the "mainstream" treatments I've done had even a fraction of the impact. I highly recommend anyone with any kind of pain problem to see Krista." —Lilly
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Krista's goal is to restore pain-free movement.

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